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Niagara joins top Canadian regions to attract international companies to Canada

Niagara has joined an elite group of regions across Canada that are working together to attract top companies and talent from across the world.
At its Annual Fall Meeting on Sept. 22, The Consider Canada City Alliance (CCCA) accepted Niagara as its newest member. The Alliance unites 14 of Canada’s largest municipal regions —Vancouver, Surrey, Edmonton, Calgary, Winnipeg, London, Waterloo, Hamilton, Niagara, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City and Halifax— to build a sustainable and globally competitive national economy built upon the collective strength of each member's ecosystem.
As a partner, Niagara will work with other leading regions as well as with national and international networks of partners to make Canada the preferred location for foreign investment and trade. Partnership in the Alliance will also create opportunities for Niagara to highlight its own strategic assets as it contributes to making the case for international businesses to invest in Canada. 
The partnership holds potential benefits for all of Niagara, as Niagara Economic Development will be able to use its participation in the Alliance to advocate for the unique investment opportunities and strengths of all 12 municipalities.


"We are pleased to welcome the Niagara Region as a member of the Consider Canada City Alliance. City regional voices will be critical as we work together to build a suitable resilient economy post pandemic. Foreign direct investment will be a key economic driver over the next year which warrants a leading role for the CCCA membership"
~ Niloo Boroun, Executive Director, Consider Canada City Alliance
"The Niagara Region is honoured to be named as an official partner of the Consider Canada City Alliance (CCCA). In association with the CCCA, our region will be able to showcase its unique assets on an international scale, leveraging the collective strength of some of the best municipalities Canada has to offer."
~ Niagara Region Chair Jim Bradley
"Niagara Region Economic Development is honoured to be named an official partner of the Consider Canada City Alliance. We believe the partnership with CCCA is an opportunity to engaging international businesses, promoting foreign direct investment and ultimately advancing Niagara's reputation as an investment destination"
~ George Spezza, Director, Niagara Economic Development

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