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Regional Chair Bradley’s statement on the vandalism and harassment of those in the public realm

​I am disappointed to hear of yet another instance of vandalism against an elected official in Niagara. This behaviour is unacceptable and does nothing but denigrate our public discourse and serve to divide us as a community.

The recent vandalism committed to the vehicle of Liberal candidate Chris Bittle, the spitting on and hurling of vile insults to Conservative candidate Krystina Waler, and racial insults being directed at campaign volunteers, are all examples of clearly despicable behaviour during an electoral contest. Most recently, the vandalistic attack on the residence and vehicle of Mayor Walter Sendzik represent yet another unacceptable action taken against an individual in the public realm.
I will be clear: I condemn all of these actions in the strongest possible terms.

I believe there is always an opportunity for civil debate in regard to public policy, but vandalism on property is nothing but destructive and ultimately counterproductive. Verbal and physical abuse of those running for public office is appalling and inexcusable.
I am certain the vast majority of Niagaraians, regardless of their political leanings, denounce and reject these acts of vandalism and abuse to which candidates, elected officials and volunteers have been subjected.

Those who are committing these reprehensible actions represent a small portion of our population and I take some comfort in knowing that they do not embody the character and core values of our region.

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Daryl Barnhart
Niagara Region

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