Community Services

Community Services provides assistance to roughly one out of every four residents. With many partners, we deliver, administer and fund programs that offer financial and social support to residents in need.


A community where every individual is supported to maximize their potential, achieve their goals and enhance their quality of life and social well-being.


With a commitment to excellence and innovation, we respond to the fundamental needs of Niagara's most vulnerable citizens through a spectrum of integrated programs and partnerships:

  • Children's Services ensures access to a coordinated, diverse range of affordable quality services and supports for young children and families. The division is also responsible for ProKids and child care subsidies.
  • Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities provides financial assistance and a range of employment supports and activities, in partnership with community agencies, to enable participants to achieve independence through sustainable employment. This division also oversees the Niagara Prosperity Initiative, which works to prevent and reduce poverty.
  • Homelessness Services and Community Engagement is responsible for coordinating the system of homelessness services, providing emergency social services, and oversees the department's community engagement activities.
  • Seniors Services provides a spectrum of long-term care services to primarily older adults and their families. The division also assists older adults living at home to help them remain safe and independent.

Office Location

Administrative offices are located in the Campbell East building of the Niagara Region Headquarters in Thorold.

For other Community Services locations, visit:

Public Health and Social Services Committee Reports

The Public Health and Social Services Committee oversees the work of Children's Services, Seniors Services, Social Assistance and Employment Opportunities and Operational Support Services within Community Services.

View Public Health and Social Services Committee Reports

Niagara Region Seniors Community Programs Mult-Service Accountability Agreement

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